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Photos and Testimonies from past
"ALIVE" Dance Conferences
2007 - 2008 - 2009 - 2010 - 2011 - 2012
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"ALIVE" Dance
Conference 2017
June 28th - July 1st
Registration is OPEN!
"ALIVE" dance conference will be held at the Dallas
Convention Center, 650 South Griffin St, Dallas,
TX. Hall A Ball Rooms 1-4
"ALIVE" Dance Conference will be Thursday June
28th through Saturday July 1st from 9:30am-5pm.

All the evening sessions are open for participants to
enjoy the different classes Mega-Fest has to offer.


Mickye Castillo - Host -
Dancing with Props / Lyrical Movement

Rhonda Jones -     Mime

Destiney Peters  - Modern / Ballet

Corey Smith -         Hip Hop

Tiffany Hudson  -  West African/Contemporary

All breakout sessions will be taught at the same
time and then everyone rotates to the next
instructor until everyone has had an opportunity to
learn from all the instructors.

The General Sessions will focus on choreography,
Biblical foundations, Movement exercises, health &
nutrition, physical warm ups & stretching
techniques, a time to worship, choreography “Do's
& Dont's”, storytelling through movement, garment
ideas, group exercises on acting, stage presence,
projecting & engaging the audience. We will also
have a Q&A and panel discussion with all the
instructors. These sessions are very interactive
with the audience.

In the breakout sessions you will experience each
instructor as they help develop you in technique
training, choreography drills, stage presence, body
awareness exercises and much more.

Our goal is to impart creative thinking,
choreography insight, and to ignite and stir up the
gift within each participant. We hope that God will
open your heart for a deeper passion and higher
level of excellence to preach the gospel through
dance and movement!

Conference Schedule

Thursday June 29th  9am till 4pm

Friday June 30th 9am till 4pm

Saturday July 1st 9am till 12 noon.

Saturday at 1:30 all the finale participants
will meet at TPH church from 1:30-4:30 for
the final rehearsal for the Sunday

Sunday July 2nd, call time is 6:30am.
Service starts at 9am.
1. When, Where and How Much?
Start Time: Thursday June 29th at 10am - Sunday July 2nd. (For the finale dance
presentation at TPH) Conference Location-Dallas County Convention Center: 650
S. Griffin St Dallas, TX 75202. And Sunday Morning location : The Potters House
6777 West Kiest Blvd Dallas Tx 75236
How Much? $60 That includes "ALIVE" Dance Conference and WTAL/ManPower

2. What is the conference schedule?
Conference begins at 10am Thursday June 29th, and will post times of all the

3. What do I wear?
All participants will need to dress comfortably, such as workout clothes. (No shorts
or spaghetti strapped tops)

4. Do I bring dance garments?
Yes, please bring dance attire of your choice for the concert presentations…

5. What is the age limit?
Ages 13 and up. For all ages 13 to 17 you will need to assign 1 chaperone per 5
minors. The chaperone, an adult dancer who stays with them the entire time and
rotates the classes all together.

6. Will I get to dance during service?
Yes, all participants will have the
opportunity to dance at The Potters House (TPH)
Sunday morning for the grand finale presentation. See #9

7. Will there be food or any kind of refreshments?
Please feel free to bring refreshments such as water, granola bars, etc…. Lunch will
NOT be provided this year. There are eating areas throughout the Megafest facility
to purchase lunch.

8. Will there be product available to purchase?
Yes each instructor will have items such as: instructional videos, garments,
streamers, flags, billows, veils, ribbons, tambourines, instructional manual for dance,
etc….. There will be many different vendors with product in the lobby and available
for purchase.
What form(s) of payment will be accepted by the Vendors? Cash, and major credit

9. When is the conference over?
The conference is officially over Saturday at 12 noon. But, all the participants
dancing Sunday morning will have a rehearsal at TPH Saturday in order to prepare
for Sunday morning.
You are responsible for your own transportation Saturday and
Sunday to TPH Church. Rehearsal time Saturday is 1:30-4:30 @TPH and “call
time” Sunday is
***6:30am*** @TPH Church.

10. Do we dance barefoot or in shoes?
That is your personal choice.

11. Will the classes or services be videotaped?
NO, Video taping is ***NOT*** allowed.

12. Can I get a copy of the concert or Sunday presentation?
This is a possibility, however I will need to get back with you on this as this will be
done by The Potter’s House.

13. Is the conference within walking distance from hotels and restaurants?
Yes, the conference this year will be in downtown Dallas. However the final
rehearsal is at TPH on Saturday and you will need your own transportation for that
rehearsal and finale performance on Sunday morning.

14. Is there a discount for groups? NO

15. Is there a separate class for the teenagers.
No, all participants 13 and up will rotate all together.

16. Do I bring anything special for the mime classes?
Yes, please bring black pants, shirt and socks along with your own mime make-up
and white gloves.

17. What do I wear for the Sunday finale performance at TPH?
Please bring ALL BLACK attire. You can wear either pants or skirt with a black top
such as a leotard, unitard or t-shirt. We are asking all participants to bring 1 full yard
of an African print fabric. This will be worn during the dance presentation.

18. Can I attend the other class sessions at MegaFest? Such as WTAL, Man
Power? etc...
Yes, your registration will allow you access to the other sessions at MegaFest.